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Wellness Exams

Stay on Schedule with Wellness Exams

Your pet deserves a healthy, happy life, and ensuring your pet is up to date with vaccinations and other treatments is essential to that goal. Your pet can't tell you that something is wrong, and unless you've learned to interpret your pet's actions and sounds well, you likely won't be able to pick up on anything wrong until your pet is obviously in distress. Wellness appointments can, at the very least, see if there are any brewing or low-level problems that could become worse later on. Santaluz Animal Care of Rancho Santa Fe will know how to help your pet remain well.

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Wellness Exam Services

A wellness exam is like an annual physical for your pet. The doctor can see when the pet last had a series of vaccinations and if any boosters are necessary. This is also the time to check the pet's dental health to see if a cleaning is necessary.  It is also a time to look for any strange signs that you as a loving pet owner might not have noticed, such as the pet slightly favoring one paw over the other. The doctor will examine your pet for  any possible skin problems, such as, fleas or ticks.  With fleas already a problem in San Diego County and ticks on the increase in wooded areas, this care is vital to your pet's well-being.

A very helpful service at Santaluz Animal Care is that we also check out exotic animals. Many veterinarians concentrate on cats and dogs only. Exotic pets, which include rabbits, birds, pocket pets like sugar gliders and rats, and some reptiles, also need care, so you need to seek out a veterinarian who is trained to care for these animals. If you have small farm animals, as is common in more rural parts of the county, our doctors may be able to help them as well.

Give Your Pet the Care It Deserves

Santaluz Animal Care offers wellness exams, stem cell therapy, surgical care, and more. Whether you have a dog or cat, or an exotic pet, we can provide the proper veterinarian care that your special animal needs to stay healthy and happy. Contact us at 858-258-5590 to learn more. Our office, serving Fairbanks Ranch 4S Ranch Del Mar and surrounding areas opens in May 2019.

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