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Soft Tissue Repairs

Soft Tissue Repairs and Compassionate Veterinary Service at Santaluz Animal Care

When your pet is injured or ill, the pain is felt by everyone in your family. Soft tissue repairs from the veterinary experts at Santaluz Animal Care can help your pet recover from a variety of injuries and achieve their best lives after an accident or illness. We are a premier veterinarian in Rancho Santa Fe. How can our brand of surgical procedures support your pets' healing process?

Soft Tissue Repairs and Compassionate Veterinary Service at Santaluz Animal Care

What Are Soft Tissue Repairs?

Soft tissues are the internal structures that connect, surround, and support bodily structures. This includes tendons, ligaments, skin, and similar membranes that protect the organs and define their spaces. Soft tissues can be found inside and outside of the body.

Whether your pet primarily stays indoors or is free to roam the neighborhood, the danger of soft tissue damage is always lurking. Fighting over territory, exploring new areas, or just miscalculating a jump could leave your dog or cat with wounds that require veterinary attention. Other circumstances that could compromise your pets' tissue integrity include health conditions that cause the outer layers of skin to crack, dry, or blister. This leaves your pet vulnerable to infections that could contribute to even more serious problems. When this happens, getting help from your veterinarian in Rancho Santa Fe is the best way to protect your pets' long-term recovery potential.

Our brand of soft tissue repairs helps your pet heal more quickly. We use procedures that support the body's natural defenses. With a combination of compassionate care, surgical expertise, and superior aftercare, Santaluz Animal Care is the best choice when your pet needs a veterinarian in Rancho Santa Fe.

What to Expect from Your Soft Tissue Repairs at Santaluz Animal Care

When your animal shows signs of acute pain, you can bring them into our office for a comprehensive exam. Our staff starts by collecting your pet's health history. Then, with a combination of high-tech equipment and years of veterinary experience, we can find the source of your pets' discomfort. With your input, we can then make a plan to correct the damage and restore your pet to full health.

Our soft tissue repair services include full pre- and post-operative instructions. These are provided for the health, safety, and comfort of your pet. Follow-up exams track the progress of your pet's healing and allow our experts to adjust the treatment plan when necessary. At every stage of the process, your pet's best results and happiness are our priority.

Come to our offices serving Fairbanks Ranch 4S Ranch Del Mar and surrounding areas in Rancho Santa Fe for comprehensive, compassionate, and technically superior soft tissue repairs from Santaluz Animal Care. You can call us at 858-258-5590 to schedule an appointment today!

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