Fear Free Certification

Santaluz Animal Care is striving to be a Fear Free Certified Facility!

Santaluz Animal Care, serving Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, 4S Ranch, Santaluz, Del Sur, San Diego  and surrounding areas, will provide more than basic veterinary care for your pet. We will focus on the emotional side of veterinary care to keep your pet free from fear while they are visiting our hospital. With a facility designed for comfort and and a staff that is working on being a fear-free certified, we are proud to offer your pet a comfortable environment in which to receive medical care.

fear free certificaiton

Understanding Fear Free Certification

Fear Free was an initiative started in 2016 to help veterinary professionals bring a new level of care and attention to animal’s emotional needs during vet visits. When it comes to your pet receiving care, there's more than just medical care. The goal of Fear Free facilities is to provide your pet with the emotional support they need in an unfamiliar place that may usually trigger anxiety and fear. Our facility has a welcome area as opposed to a reception desk, where you will be greeted when you enter to help you and your pet feel more comfortable. When your pet is having a medical emergency, this can help ease the stress of both the pet and owner. The greeter then stays with your pet throughout their visit to provide comfort. While your pet is being treated, it is helpful to know that there are separate areas for cats and dogs to keep them separated from each other. This also helps reduce stress and allows your pet to feel more comfortable.

Fear Free Certification Process

The Fear Free certification process is completed by taking courses and learning how to better support the emotional needs of a pet. Individual providers can receive their certification, or an entire practice can decide to become a Fear-Free clinic. When a clinic or animal hospital decides to become Fear Free certified, the group must work together collaboratively to create an environment that is supportive to the emotional needs of pets using the strategies taught in the courses. Here at Santaluz Animal Care all of our staff have been working hard on completing their Fear Free Certification courses. 

Fear Free Veterinary Facility

Your pets deserve more than simple medical care. When your pet is afraid to go to a veterinarian because of past experiences, this can teach you just how important it is to pay attention to their emotional health needs. Once you bring your pet to a Fear-Free certified environment, you will understand the difference. You will see that your pet is more responsive to care, and they are able to be more relaxed during the visit. Simple things like having separate areas for dogs and cats helps to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Bring Your Pet In For Fear Free Care Today

At Santaluz Animal Care in Rancho Santa Fe, we are ready to provide your pet with a less anxious veterinarian visit no matter what type of care they need. Call us today at 858-258-5590. and see how we can help your pet today.