Acupuncture for Pain Control

Santaluz Animal Care Offers Pet Acupuncture for Pain Management

Animals can suffer from a number of conditions that require skillful pain management. Although several types of medications are available, these do not always offer complete relief and may not be tolerated in some animals. Acupuncture offers a drug-free, effective method of managing pain and can be used with other medications that may be needed for treatment. At Santaluz Animal Care in Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, 4S Ranch, Santaluz, Del Sur, San Diego and surrounding areas, we offer acupuncture for pets to help manage painful conditions.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that has been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. It uses very fine needles inserted into specific points of the body, to block pain signals and stimulate healing. Research shows that the process stimulates nerves, increases circulation, relieves muscle spasms and releases natural pain-relieving hormones. It can effectively block pain for a period of time and can be used with other treatments.

Veterinary Conditions Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture has been found to be helpful in relieving a wide range of veterinary health problems. It can be used to reduce pain after surgery. It can quiet discomfort from musculature injuries, arthritis and nerve trauma. Dr. Laura Greenlee Johnson can use acupuncture to treat skin disorders, such as lick granuloma and allergic dermatitis. It can also help to reduce symptoms of asthma and gastrointestinal problems.

What Happens During an Acupuncture Session

Your San Diego veterinarian will do a careful assessment of your pet’s condition to determine the appropriate placement of the needles. Your pet will lie comfortably on a futon couch during the procedure with you by their side throughout the treatment. The animal does not feel pain as the fine needles are inserted. The needles will be left in place for a period of time, and the vet may manipulate them to provide the right effect. At the end of the session, the needles are removed painlessly, and your pet can continue his or her normal activities.

Make Santaluz Animal Care Your Veterinarian 

Dr. Laura Johnson and the team at Santaluz Animal Care are dedicated to providing quality veterinary care for their patients in San Diego, CA, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, 4S Ranch and  Fairbanks Ranch. We offer a full range of services, including examinations, vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, and grooming. Call Santaluz Animal Care today at 858-258-5590 for an appointment to learn more about the effectiveness of acupuncture for relieving pain.